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eXpanse.info exists to serve business people who are looking for information and vendors in the commercial records and information management industry. The principals and strategic partners of eXpanse.info have eXtensive background in the RIM industry and seek to assist those who are looking for services or service providers to find them more efficiently and effectively.

Our key focus areas are:

Document , File and Record Storage : We assist you to find vendors who provide a full range of document storage solutions. We also provide downloadable tools to assist clients in determining the best vendors.

Secure Shredding and Destruction: With a significant increase in the number of vendors in the shredding marketplace, eXpanse assists you by setting you up with the best vendors in the industry. We can help you decide between offsite plant based shredders or onsite mobile shred vendors. We can give you ideas on the use of consoles or shred carts. You can find resources to decide on costs associated with purges, and security measures.

Media Vaults:

Imaging, Scan on Demand

Document Scanning London
Scanning Services London

Disaster Recovery:

Data Recovery Louisville
Disaster Recovery Louisville

Evaulting / Data Storage:

Records Management Software:

san diego records storage document imaging louisville london england document storage

We are constantly updating our pages in an effort to give you the best resources for our industry.


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